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Book Review: The Invincible Weapon by Sowmya Putta

The Invincible Weapon
Author: Sowmya Putta
Publisher: Inkstate
Rating: 3/5

The Vedic period marked the beginning of strict and meaning education of students. With Gurukul system of imparting knowledge, the country flourished in the hands of learned men (read students). Come today, children lack those values and the discipline required to achieve success in life. Hence, it becomes a necessity to take them back to that age and expose them to the Vedic philosophies and regimes so that they become a man of values.

‘The Invincible Weapon’ dates back to the Vedic period when the rishis and munis saved the vulnerable by their prayers. The kingdom of Mahadroni is under attack and the only way to prevent annihilation is to use the ‘invincible weapon’. Like most other mythical legends, this story also revolves around the struggle to earn the weapon and then use it for the welfare of the people. Abhi, the protagonist, strives to secure the weapon and then embarks on a journey that is a mixture of woes and weal.

Written in simple language, ‘The Invincible Weapon’ is well suited for the likes of children who like to read genres like mythology and fantasy. There are several grammatical errors though that might irk the readers. Overall, the imagination and plotting are commendable.

Best wishes to the author!

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