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#Review: The Jewel of Nisawa by Jugal Hansraj

The Jewel of Nisawa: The Coward & The Sword
Author: Jugal Hansraj
Publisher: Harper Collins Children

“The Jewel of Nisawa: The Coward & The Sword Book 2” continues the thrilling journey of Kadis, the young prince of Kofu, with a seamless transition from the acclaimed first book. As Kadis embarks on a mission to retrieve the Jewel of Nisawa, he is thrust into a series of challenges that test his courage and resolve. The story begins with Kadis on the brink of his eighteenth birthday, surrounded by love and admiration, yet haunted by a recurring nightmare and an unsettling sense of being watched. The disappearance of his granduncle Shonin and a mysterious note ignite a whirlwind adventure, taking Kadis and his loyal friends to a legendary kingdom filled with danger and magic.

The character arcs in this sequel are masterfully developed, particularly Kadis’s journey from a sheltered prince to a courageous leader. His internal struggle with fear and self-doubt is portrayed with depth and authenticity, making his eventual transformation believable and inspiring. The supporting characters—Sara, Shijo, Myo, Tara, and Mr. Joi—each have their moments of growth, adding layers to the narrative and enriching the overall story. Their unwavering loyalty and bravery highlight the themes of friendship and perseverance.

The book’s pacing is commendable, maintaining a perfect balance between action, suspense, and character development. From the very first chapter, the plot grips the reader, seamlessly picking up from where the first book left off. The transition is smooth, and the stakes are raised higher, keeping the readers on the edge of their seats. The vibrant descriptions of the fabled kingdom and the intricate details of the magical elements add a rich texture to the story, making it a captivating read.

Overall, “The Jewel of Nisawa” is a worthy successor to “The Coward & The Sword,” delivering a compelling mix of adventure, magic, and emotional depth. Fans of the series will be delighted with this instalment, which not only advances the overarching plot but also deepens the connection to its beloved characters. This book is a testament to the author’s skill in creating a vivid and engaging world that readers will find hard to leave.

Best wishes to the author!

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