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Book Review: The Last Love Letter by Kulpreet Yadav

The Last Love Letter
Author: Kulpreet Yadav
Publisher: Rupa Publishers
Rating: 3.5/5

It was not long ago when I read Nicholas Sparks’ Every Breath and fell in love with the concept of love all over again. When on one hand my mind always told me that nobody can give Sparks a run for his money, ‘The Last Love Letter’ made me question my critical standpoint! In his first attempt to present a story that is based on love and second chances (not villains and mystery), the author of ‘The Last Love Letter’ assembles a delightful cast of young characters who seem and sound so genuine that you might end up assuming that you know them personally.

The Last Love Letter is Akash’s story. He comes across as an affable young man who is a victim of the circumstances. Losing his wife to cancer at an early age, he succumbs to the trauma and refuses to let go of his past. While his daughter, Sara, doesn’t fail to leave a mark on your heart, Akash’s taciturn and morose behaviour makes the readers empathize with him. When Subah enters their life, things turn topsy-turvy. Initially, both Subah and Akash are distant; they despise each other’s company and are often looking for excuses to stay away. But as love might have it, the ho-hum drama doesn’t last long, for both the protagonists realize that they need to give themselves a second chance.

The pathos of relationships and the dilemma of choosing between true love and a second love- both have been portrayed beautifully. Not only Akash and Subah but also Dr Rohit and Lakshi (Akash’s mother) are nicely crafted characters that cement the connection with the readers. With relatable circumstances, the author aces the test as the story doesn’t have superfluous descriptions nor does it have unnecessary intimate moments.

The writing is simple with easy vocabulary. The setting is perfect and the pace is something I liked the most. if you are looking for a metaphorical meaning of the title, it might come across as a disappointment because the plot is quite straight forward and predictable. But if you are a Nicholas Sparks’ fan then this is the ‘one’ for you. Well, at least someone knows that all love stories are not set in a fool’s paradise!

Best wishes to the author!

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