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#Review: The Less You Preach, The More You Learn by Shashi Tharoor & Joseph Zacharias

The Less You Preach, The More You Learn
Authors: Shashi Tharoor & Joseph Zacharias
Publisher: Aleph Book Company
Rating: 5/5

Observations are critical as well as crucial for existing. Unless we empower our inward eye, and notice things that generally go unnoticed, we cannot learn to evolve. Aphorisms are these small observations. I know when I say that making an observation voluntarily is difficult but reading someone else’s observations and basking in the joy of realizing that they’re so much real is a different kind of exhilarating experience.

“The Less You Preach, The More You Learn” is a delightful exploration of the timeless art of aphorisms, brought to life by the keen minds of Shashi Tharoor and Joseph Zacharias. In this book, the authors have masterfully crafted over 200 aphorisms that touch upon various facets of modern life.

As one of the oldest literary forms, aphorisms have the unique ability to encapsulate profound truths and wisdom within a few words. Tharoor and Zacharias harness this power to provoke thought, stimulate introspection, and entertain readers with their wise and witty observations.

The strength of this book lies not only in its succinct and memorable expressions but also in its diversity. The aphorisms span a wide range of topics, offering insights into the complexities of human nature, society, and the human experience. From Seneca to Nietzsche, the great aphorists of history have left their mark, and now Tharoor and Zacharias join their ranks with their contemporary and thought-provoking contributions.

Each aphorism within these pages is a gem, inviting readers to pause and contemplate the deeper meaning behind the words. Whether seeking wisdom, inspiration or simply a moment of intellectual delight, “The Less You Preach, The More You Learn” delivers on all fronts.

In an era where brevity and profound insights are valued, this book is a testament to the enduring power of aphorisms. Tharoor and Zacharias have created a work that not only pays homage to this ancient art form but also enriches our understanding of the world we live in today. This collection is a treasure trove of wisdom and wit, making it a must-read for anyone with an appreciation for the art of concise, thought-provoking expression.

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