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#Review: The Shotgun Wedding by Suchandra Roychowdhury

The Shotgun Wedding
: Suchandra Roychowdhury
Publisher: Aleph Book Company
Rating: 3/5

Shotgun Wedding is a fast-paced romantic comedy interspersed with a pinch of satire. The story revolves around Dita who finds herself caught in the whirlpool of confusion and chaos. As she begins working as an English lecturer in Phulpukur, she finds herself devoid of emotions and attachments. Her only solace is Raja who is kind and offers the feeling of a friendly neighbour. Set in Bengal, the story develops as Dita explores the functioning of the village and gets acquainted with those who hold the ropes.

Shotgun Wedding explores the idea of saving love by pretending to hate all along. As Palash Bose enters the premise, the wheels of the story take a different route. There is ugly politics, selfish motives and goons with guns running helter-skelter, throwing warnings that are like thunderbolts for the people who are simple and of course, naive. But Dita is smart and so is her gang of companions who are dark horses in their respective trades. When a forced wedding promises to open a can of worms, things get interesting for the readers and murkier for the characters.

Shotgun Wedding is a quick read. It’s fun because of the affluent vocabulary and enough analogies to cater to (my) reading buds. The cover is beautiful and spikes interest even before you read the blurb.

Best wishes to the author!

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