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#Review: Tomorrow Someone Will Arrest You by Meena K.

Tomorrow Someone Will Arrest You
Author: Meena Kandasamy
Publisher: Juggernaut
Rating: ⅗

“Tomorrow Someone Will Arrest You” by Meena Kandasamy is a powerful testament to the intersections of personal and political struggles. Through her collection of poems, Kandasamy navigates the complexities of desire, resistance, and solidarity in the face of state oppression. With grace and defiance, she delves into intimate realms of sex and family while seamlessly weaving in broader societal issues such as caste discrimination, the refugee crisis, and freedom of expression.

Kandasamy’s fearless exploration of these themes cements her as one of the most radical thinkers of our time, challenging readers to confront the harsh realities of the world around them. Her writing style is both lyrical and incisive, captivating readers with its raw honesty and unapologetic approach. Each poem is a revelation, inviting readers to reflect on their complicity in systems of injustice while inspiring them to take action.

“Tomorrow Someone Will Arrest You” is a bold and unforgettable collection that demands to be heard, showcasing Kandasamy’s unparalleled talent as a poet and provocateur.

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