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Book Review: Transforming Systems: Why the World Needs a New Ethical Toolkit? by Arun Maira

Transforming Systems: Why the World Needs a New Ethical Toolkit?
Author: Arun Maira
Publisher: Rupa Publishers
Rating: 4/5

With the economic growth sky-rocketing, the adverse impact on environmental sustainability and social inequality has become the last straw. At this point, if a viable solution is not sought, the future of our people and our assets will be bleak, very bleak.
‘Transforming Systems’ offers a radical approach to understand and decode the working of the business models and thereby, implement some of the principles in real life too. The author emphasizes on the need to incorporate three values that will enable each one of us to work collaboratively. He stresses the importance of being a good listener and adopting ethical reasoning and following the disciplines of systems thinking.

Using Haidt’s theory of moral codes, the author explains the need to be more concerned about society at the same time. According to Haidt, each one of us has an elephant and a rider within ourselves. There is a constant battle between the elephant and the rider for power and control. The rider desires that the elephant should obey his orders but he must also accept moving with the elephant or else he would be thrown off. Similarly, the current system of organizations is such that all the people belonging to the global community have good relations with each other; all of them are riders and all of them are loyal to each other. However, we all, as consumers, are the elephants. Unless the riders understand our requirements and develop a harmonious relationship, neither of us will thrive for long. Therefore, one must understand the importance of mutual respect and acceptance.

Using his profound knowledge about Economics and current governing systems, the author lays out a structured foundation not only for the corporations but also for the young leaders who aspire to leave a mark on the world. In the present digital age, where everyone is becoming so self-absorbed, ‘Transforming System’ turns out to be the light at the end of the dark tunnel because it reminds us of the ethical assets that should be dear to us more than any other form of profit.

Since the book has a lot of concepts from Economics, I was under the impression that it might just leave me baffled. But the author’s simple narrative, gripping writing style, lucid language and easy explanation aided in understanding the message. This is one of the books that should be read by all aspiring entrepreneurs as it will encourage them to strike the right balance between business and emotional transactions.

Best wishes to the author!

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