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#Review: Unchain My Heart by Sharika Sharma

Unchain My Heart
Author: Sharika Sharma
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Rating: 3/5

“Unchain My Heart” is a compelling and insightful exploration of the lives of four diverse women navigating the complexities of modern Indian society. The author skillfully delves into the individual journeys of Alya, Eisha, Reena, and Malini, painting a vivid portrait of their dreams, ambitions, and struggles.

Through its well-crafted narrative, the book highlights the notion that life moulds us up to a certain point, but beyond that, we become the architects of our destinies. Each character’s path is a testament to this idea, as they grapple with career aspirations, relationships, societal pressures, and the pursuit of self-discovery.

Alya’s journey in the glitzy world of Bollywood, Eisha’s experience within the dystopic realm of the wealthy elite, Reena’s battle with appearance complexes, and Malini’s quest for identity make for a riveting and relatable read. The characters come alive with charisma and depth, drawing readers into their unique stories.

“Unchain My Heart” skillfully weaves together the personal and professional challenges faced by these women, offering a thought-provoking commentary on the modern Indian woman’s quest for success and fulfilment. It is a story that resonates not only with its target audience but with anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the intricacies of human ambition and resilience. However, most often, I found myself struggling with the pacing of the story. At critical sections, the pacing was either rushed or dragged- sustaining the unwanted imbalance.

In this narrative, the author provides a mirror to the contemporary Indian woman’s experience, showcasing their strength, determination, and the enduring pursuit of happiness. This book is a testament to the power of choice and the ability to shape one’s destiny, making it a must-read for those who appreciate stories of empowerment and self-discovery. “Unchain My Heart” is a compelling and inspiring literary journey that leaves a lasting impression.

Best wishes to the author!

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