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#Review: Unstartup by Nistha Tripathi

Author: Nistha Tripathi
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Rating: 4/5

It’s interesting to see entrepreneurs making their mark and contributing to India’s economy. One such unicorn in the field of online education is Unacademy, the online platform that offers live as well as self-paced courses. The myriads of courses and different features that can lure the candidates to try and then subscribe to Unacademy are what have made this number one choice for many aspirants. In Unstartup, Nistha Tripathi traces the path to success and highlights the unconventional methods, mindset and means employed by the founder of Unacademy.

The founder of Unacademy began with a YouTube channel and when the channel established a decent fanbase, he and his co-partners left their regular jobs to start Unacademy. Getting the seed money at the right time, introducing more options both for students and teachers, giving the users the accessibility and portability and promoting the application under the blanket of some of the blue chip celebrities helped Unacademy reach where it is today. Learning about its journey is not only interesting but also acts as an eye-opener for all those who desire to do something on their own.

The narrative isn’t verbose and that’s what helped me progress through the book (I usually abstain from reading this genre). I liked the title because the author truly takes an unconventional route to trace the progress of this company. Hence, this book is recommended for those who possess an entrepreneurial mind.

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