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Book Review: We Beat the Gods by Saad Quadri

We Beat the Gods
Author: Saad Quadri
Publisher: Leadstart Inkstate
Rating: 2.5/5

Often we associate literary devices with poetry and not prose. Why you may ask? Well, it is so because the literary device help in adding flavour to the language. While the prose is straightforward, poetry comprises fewer words that ‘should’ speak volumes. Hence, the literary devices add to the rhythm and insights. We Beat the Gods is more inclined towards being an allegory. The excessive use of metaphors, personifications, metonymy and synecdoches add to the overall beauty of this prose.

We Beat the Gods revolves around a mysterious man who sits on a bench facing the river. He is lost in deep thought. Reminiscing the memories of the past, he narrates his encounter with different people, peeling off the layers gradually and leading to an unprecedented climax. Amidst several deaths, loss and a feeling of being in a quandary, the author weaves a tale that surely will force you to read till the end. Even though the structure of the plot is intriguing, the execution failed to entice me. There are umpteen grammatical errors and the narrative is quite verbose. Consequently, the overall impact is lacklustre. Had the author used the words wisely keeping in mind the superfluous inclusion of literary devices, the story would have definitely struck a chord.

Overall, We Beat the Gods is different. The perspective is different and hence, it deserves to be amended and then presented.

Best wishes to the author!

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