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#Review: Wh(eat)less by Ryan Fernando

Author: Ryan Fernando
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Rating: 5/5

With numerous types of diets doing rounds in the market, it is extremely exhausting to find out which ones are the fad ones unless one indulges in a deep study of the subject. One such diet is Gluten-free, which has shown some promising results in maintaining a healthy weight, elevated levels of energy and an improvement in bone health. Even though more research is needed on the subject, it is often the click-and-bait sources of information that entice the customer. Wh(eat)less is, therefore, reliable. Written by celebrity nutritionist Ryan Fernando, this book offers a holistic view of the subject.

Right from the science behind the occurrence and effect of this structural protein found in several cereal grains, this book offers insight into the relationship between diabetes and wheat and explains how difficult it can be to stick to this diet. The good part is that the second section promises to help you navigate through the process of adaptation. From a comprehensive list of Gluten-free options to travelling efficiently without compromising on the diet, this section deals with it all.

Avoiding verbosity in explanations, Wh(eat)less is interesting to read. Having watched so many people eagerly opting for this diet, I was interested in knowing about it and this book is helpful. Really. It will help you start this diet the right way.

Hence, this one is recommended for all those seeking clarity on a Gluten-free diet.

Best wishes to the author!

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