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Book Review: When the Wildflowers Bloom by Rupa Bhullar

When the Wildflowers Bloom
Author: Rupa Bhullar
Publisher: Rupa Publishers
Rating: 4/5

Wildflowers symbolize happiness and optimism. When wildflowers bloom, quite literally they make their surroundings look bright and colourful. They aren’t planted intentionally; they grow more by accident. Using this symbolism, ‘When Wildflowers Bloom’ presents us Tara, a wildflower who struggles in her marriage for 17 long years and finally decides to take a leap of faith when she abandons the despair and embraces uncertainty.

Tara, Tej’s wife, is often looked down upon by her husband just because she doesn’t work (outside the house). While she carries a patient and polite exterior, Tara is also the one who manages the household chores to perfection. Even then, her value is reduced to the bare minimum, for she lacks one thing- self-love. Compromise and accommodation are two of her favourite things. But when the anger and frustration within bottles up to such an extent that it is time for an explosion, she leaves her husband and moves out. Entering the unchartered territories seems tough at first but Tara accepts her fate with open arms. She not only finds the company of good people but also finds love. Eventually, she blooms into a wildflower that knows how to be itself!

Dealing with the emotions of love, loss, sacrifice and freedom, When Wildflowers Bloom is a poignant tale of finding yourself and falling in love with yourself. The author beautifully advocates how respecting one’s wishes is very important to lead a fulfilling life. Fluid narrative and relatable plot make this story engaging. The language is simple yet effective! The very first chapter presents a strong opening scene and that is a plus point of the book. Overall, I loved the story.

Best wishes to the author!

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