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Book Review: Wow! India

Wow! India
Hachette India
Rating: 5

India is a country where each individual is born with a different talent. When so many artists from different fields come together, records are bound to be created. And when records are created, the country, as a whole, is proud. ‘Wow! India’ is a collation of all those milestones that Indians have achieved, both individually and as a team. Whether it is the largest film poster or the first letterbox, the accomplishments are innumerable. Yet as common folk, we are ignorant of such ‘Eureka moments’. This book brings forth the glory of our country and aims at making each one of us realize the worth and potential of our country.

Divided into various sections like Films, Music, Art, Architecture, Farming, Flora, Fauna, Natural World, Books, Science and Technology, Photography, Transport, Government, Education and Sports, this book has around 500 records that have been made and are even there in Limca Book of Records. That’s not all. There are some fun facts too. Who knew that frogs can fly? If you knew that already then what about the fact that the flying frog or the Malabar Gliding Frog is found in Wayanad, Kerala? The book is loaded with ideas. If you have the nerve to set a record or break a record, this book might just give you your light bulb moment.

Overall, this is a must-have in your collection!

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