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#Review: Young Indian Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Change-makers by Rupangi Sharma

Young Indian Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Change-makers
Author: Rupangi Sharma
Publisher: Puffin Books

Yet another addition to my ‘inspirational people’ list is the new book Young Indian Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Change-makers. It comprises a list of 65 young individuals who have dared to step outside their comfort zone, dared to fight the naysayers and dared to do something that caters to a larger good. Whether it is something in the field of technology or a solution to a very common problem, these bright minds have used their potential wisely to help the society at large. It is so motivating to read about them. One cannot neglect the spark that begins to burn within once you read about these innovators. Some are entrepreneurs, some are inventors while some have just started a cause to make a change they want to see in the world. It takes immense courage to fight for your rights, take a stand for restoring the balance in nature and advocating mental health in a society where people are unwelcoming towards those who call the spade a spade. Youngsters like Arushi Aggarwal, Advait Thakur, Zunaira Khan, Sushant Pattanaik, Radhika Joshi and Jui Keshar (along with several others) have proved that success cannot be tasted while you are seated comfortably on your couch. It requires you to step out, think beyond and take a chance. This book is a must-read for the current generation. It is sure to inspire the young leaders and bring out the innovators and change-makers in them. Look out for some really spectacular illustrations that lace the descriptions.

Best wishes to the author!

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