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A Shot in the Arm, Quite Literally! #Odds&Evens #1

2020 has been quite generous till now. I was invited to write a weakly column in Different Truths (Webzine) and this plan finally got executed today. Beginning today, every Tuesday my article will be published in a new column called ‘Odds and Evens‘, an exclusive for Different Truths.

It was a Monday morning and the flight time was 2 hours 50 minutes. I was seated between a lady who snored while breathing and an old uncle who had no control over his falling head! Quite frustrated with the customer service, I had made up my mind to tweet about the staff’s incompetence in allotting an aisle seat to me. While the vexatious kid behind me kept kicking the chair that was already very stiff and uncomfortable, the lady beside me could not keep mute. She kept talking about her son who was in Bangalore, ostensibly already waiting for her at the airport. Then she went on to enquire about whether I was working or a student, whether I was married or single, whether I had a child or two, whether my husband was there at the airport and whether this and whether that! Keeping my cool, I tried answering all her questions as politely as possible and in the process gained knowledge about the fact that she was travelling as a guest. Her son had got married a year ago and she was visiting him in Bangalore (in order to educate her children about the importance of biological clock and persuade them to ‘gift’ her a grandchild).

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