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Here’s How I Am Spending My Time Productively (#Quarantined)

I have been at home since March 14th and that completes 33 days of quarantine for me. While people have binged-watched several TV series, cooked delectable food and created some really inspiring workout videos, I haven’t done either of them. If you are wondering that I was sitting idle, then you are mistaken, my friend, for I was busy learning things that otherwise my busy life doesn’t allow. Here are a few things/ goals that I have achieved so far:

Learning a new language

To be able to speak many languages has been one of my desires. I had learnt German in college. Thus, I can speak, write and read Hindi, English and German. During this quarantine period, I began learning Spanish via Edx and I have finished learning the letters, pronouns and some basic greetings. It is tiresome to remember all the new pronunciations but I have all the time in the world!

Honing my skills

My love for Literature has strengthened after I completed a course by the British Council on Exploring Shakespeare. This course is six weeks long but the best part is that it is self-paced and like me, even you can finish in two weeks. It exposes you to Shakespeare’s background and also introduces you to some of the famous tragedies and comedies by Shakespeare.

Learning Mandala Art

I am not an artist but I like to doodle on my notebooks while listening to audiobooks or to lectures. Hence, I decided to dedicate some time from my schedule to just doodle- without any intended outcome or plan. The idea was to relieve the stress of not going out of the house. It has worked wonders for me. Try it once to see for yourself!

Update my blog regularly

Starting April 1, I decided to post content on my blog on a regular basis irrespective of the time constraint and the mood. It is tough because you might suffer from a writer’s block very often. As of now, it has been quite successful and it keeps me bound in a set routine.

Complete my book

I have been stuck with the falling action of my story for a long time now. Using this time to think of the alternatives and then finishing the first draft is my prime goal now. I promise to myself that I shall finish my book before the lockdown is lifted (fingers crossed).

See? There are things that one can do other than cooking, watching TV, getting bored or simply whining about how COVID-19 has brought our lives to a standstill. This is how I spend my day and trust me, the sense of accomplishment is great. What is your way of spending time? Do share in the comment section.

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