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Essay #2 RED

More than any other colour, red is loaded with action”-Robert Gean

Red is love; red is passion. Red can be anger; red can be a danger. A single colour is what red is, yet so powerful and meaningful. Symbolizing the sacred bond of marriage, the red dot on the forehead can make the face stop the clock. Red is the celebration- the tomato rain during the Tomatina festival. Red is the rage, for the bull behaves like a bear with a sore head when it sees it.

Red is taste; it spices up our taste buds. Red is our hair, making us stand out from the rest. Red is our blood, one of the units of survival. Red is also the reason for death. It is fire; it is the primal source of survival. It depicts Greek Gods and is also the colour of Christian crucifixion. It is the colour with varied emotions- embarrassment, shyness, blush, sadness.

For some, it symbolises national flag too. Red is even soft and gentle like a magnificent rose. Red is the spring; the season to start afresh. Being one of the primary colours, red is intense; red is extreme.


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