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Just Because I Don’t Have Kids Yet, It Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Have Any Responsibilities!

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I want more from life than just following the set pattern of an Indian woman’s life, and why should anyone else tell me what I should do or not do?

‘The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep
Miles to go before I sleep.
Miles to go before I sleep.’


When Robert Frost penned down his famous poem, it was well received all over the world because it gave hope to the dreamers, and gave wings to their flight of fancy. But apparently, the people around us have developed a barrier between their orthodox mentality and an open mindset.

Recently one comment has been doing rounds every day of the week – ‘You don’t have responsibilities. You will understand when you have a kid.’

This comment has become so frequent that it has started driving me up the wall and pluck my own hair. The irony is that these are the people who always crib about their responsibilities, and then impose their load on others who are not only mentally strong but highly opinionated.

During my childhood, everyone around me taught me to abide by societal norms so that if/when the time comes, the same society can take a stand for me. I have suffered several setbacks in my life and sadly, not even once did this ‘society’ come and support me – neither morally nor emotionally.

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