Paper & Ink

On This Mother’s Day…

Etched with love, suffused with affection,

A love so strong that would move the heavens

She is placid, albeit, so strong

She makes me feel that I belong.

A rough night, a slow day

She never complains while making hay

Like a beacon in the dark lane

She guides me through the blind alleyway.

She is delicate, she is precious

A plenitude of elegance and grace,

A mountain between my fears and me,

She’s my umbrella in the rain, my lucky charm in any game.

She is ravishing, albeit, infamous

An apotheosis of God, yet so pragmatic

Larger than life, one who adroitly balances everything

She is my lifeline, the rhythm of my heart.

With you, every day is exceptional

Life is full of joys of the spring.

Mom, you are the best gift I have ever got

My only confidante in the whole lot!






  • eklavya


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