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#Review: Yeh Kali Kali Ankhein

We have often heard stories about a man’s obsession with a woman but seldom do we hear the flipside of the same. No one talks about men as victims because the very idea of men being the breadwinner has been perpetuated in our minds right from the beginning. Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein explores this uncommon theme of obsession, guilt and vengeance in an interesting way.

With great power, comes great responsibility. Surprisingly, this web series follows this adage in an entirely different sense. An intimidating and vicious politician, Mr Akheraj, leaves no stone unturned in keeping his only daughter, Purva, as happy as Larry even if it means exploiting his accountant’s son, both physically and emotionally. When Purva first lays eyes on Vikrant, the latter knows that Purva means trouble! When young and in school, Vikrant is able to turn a blind eye to Purva’s advances (as a friend). Probably, this triggers the woman to such an extent that she pledges to ‘own’ Vikrant for life. Years later, when life starts to throw several opportunities, Vikrant lands at the doorstep of Mr Akheraj owing to his father’s emotional drama. Even though he is confident that he would get a job in Bhilai, he surrenders to the circumstances under which Akheraj appoints him as his daughter’s Zumba classes’ manager. Vikrant loves Shikha yet the two cannot be together in this cat-and-mouse-chase. While Purva spews venom in the garb of love for Vikrant, the latter struggles to ward off the goons from killing Shikha.

This web series explores the extent to which one can go only to realize that if they look directly into the abyss, the chasm stares right back at them! Tahir Bhasin as Vikrant plays the role diligently. The only problem I have is with his character who is impulsive and lacks common sense. I say this because every time he plans something, he acts so obvious. Knowing that Purva (Anchal Singh) keeps a tab on every activity, he doesn’t even think that being careful is important. His planning can drive you up the wall. You will think that even you’re well-equipped to think better. The story is interesting till the first five episodes as the twists are unexpected. But following that episode, the plot becomes lacklustre. The desperate desire to stretch the series for a sequel further leaves a blotch on the impression it had struggled to create on the viewers.

The casting is beautiful; each character does justice to the role given. Brijendra Kala is splendid as Vikrant’s father. He provides the much-needed comic relief. However, the series misses the mark because of the sloppy writing of the latter half. There are several loopholes and even more unanswered questions that further put you in a black mood. One such example of casual writing is when the killer, Arunoday Singh, fails to shoot the target because he is careless enough to ignore what the locals in Ladakh have to say about altitude and acclimatization. Several such shortcomings make Yeh Kali Kali Ankhein a mere one-time watch. It’s entertaining but only until it tries to digress from the route that would have been more sensible.

It’s a MISS.

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