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#Review: The Hating Game

#For the love of Joshua, the most handsome man in recent times!

If you haven’t watched this movie yet you will surely go to hell in a hell basket. Right from the screenplay, the characters, chemistry, dialogues and storyline- everything is perfect. Lucy Hale and Austin Stowell, with their palpable and infectious chemistry, render your heart throbbing, wanting more and more of them. Using the classic trifecta of spicy yet contumelious banter, irresistible chemistry and intimate scenes that feel like just the right piece in a jigsaw puzzle, Peter Hutchings aces the test.

If the introductory paragraph was unconvincing enough, what about the fact that this movie forced me to pick up the book, for I needed details and I wanted the love to linger longer? I am so obsessed with this one that I have searched and downloaded the background scores because they are so stimulating. More so, my finger often finds its way to Amazon Prime and replays some selected scenes where Joshua is at his best and Lucy, of course, doesn’t fail to incite him.

Joshua Templeman ( God, he is hot!) And Lucy Hutton work in B &G Publishing Firm and they are like chalk and cheese. While Josh is more into numbers, marketing and doing-what-makes-his-boss-happy, Lucy is more of a grumpy smurf! While both of them have a seductive personalities, they can’t seem to get ahead of ‘the schoolyard game’ they play on a daily basis. As it turns out or can be predicted, the opposite poles aren’t able to repulse. That’s when the real picture begins. The background scores are on-point; they add too much colour to the setting and mood. The immaculate writing doesn’t leave any thread untied. The sexual tension is nutty as a fruitcake and the squabble on trivial issues leaves you wanting more of Josh and Lucy. But I can really go on and on about it.

I know, I know, you might say it’s the same old wine in a new bottle. Well, I cannot deny that. Being a hardcore fan of rom-coms, this movie tops my list owing to the casting and flawless chemistry. It gives you a delicious nostalgia for the romantic movies of those good old days when love was real and lasting. I would be lying if I say that I don’t find love-hate relationships interesting. That’s why this is what I would be suggesting to you if you happen to ask me for recommendations anytime soon!

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