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Book Review: Delhi- A History by Manisha Choudhary

Delhi- A History
Author: Manisha Choudhary
Publisher: Rupa Publishers
Rating: 3.5/5

When it comes to learning History, it seems an arduous task because of the innumerable facts and figures. But it is also important to know the stories because then we are careful not to repeat the same mistakes. History is not only about the rulers and their dynasties but it is also about how the map of the country has changed over a period of time. Amongst all the other cities that were impacted by the invaders or the rulers, Delhi has always topped the charts owing to it location on the map. Still survived by numerous garden tombs and mausoleums, Delhi has a diverse history that cannot be learnt in a day. This book by Manisha Choudhary, however, makes it possible for everyone to learn about the events that shaped the cultural and administrative functioning of this city through just a few pages.

Written with precision and in a lucid language, Delhi: A History is a book that exposes the readers to the scars borne by this city. ‘Love and lusted, Ruled and ruined and lost and found’- Delhi has survived the test of time. With every wall speaking volumes about what happened behind it, this city has seen people transform and has transformed itself according to the needs and necessities. Manisha does a wonderful job in bringing forth the information about different regions in this city- how they were named, which population forms the majority and what are the highlights of that area. As readers, we get to know the essence of politics, authority and governance in this part of the land.

I didn’t quite enjoy the cluttered presentation of text on each page because that reminded me of the insipid History textbooks. But the information is, no doubt, to-the-point. Even though Delhi derives its roots and culture from different generations, it still has an aura of its own that attracts tourists from all over the world. Delhi: A history is a book worth your time in case you want to know more about this city.

Best wishes to the author!

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