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Book Review: Someone Exactly Like You by Esha Pandey

Someone Exactly Like You
Author: Esha Pandey
Publisher: Rupa Publishers
Rating: 3/5

Love is an unplanned emotion. It can embrace anyone at any point in time. Since contemporary fiction has become trite now, the hackneyed storylines seldom draw any attention. Likewise ‘Someone Exactly Like You’ is an example of old wine being presented in a new and decorated bottle. However, the strong narrative and the command on the characters is something to look forward to.

The story revolves around Veer, a malevolent man who is successful despite his odious behaviour. Busy untangling the knots of his past, he meets Natasha in a chance encounter (read in a filmy way). Natasha’s days as a struggling filmmaker seem counted when she starts working with Veer. She yearns to ace the tests of life but at the same time develops affection for Veer and becomes more concerned for her heart. However, her endearing spirit and indefatigable nature help her strive for more. While Natasha’s character is likeable, Veer makes the readers believe that life gives everyone a second chance. Things turn topsy-turvy when Veer’s ex-wife decides to re-enter his life. But isn’t that predictable already?

The story lacks dialogues and has superfluous descriptions that seem never-ending. Amyra’s character could have been developed a little more. But all said and done, ‘Someone Exactly Like You’ is a tale of love that transports you to a fool’s paradise. Not that I despise happy endings, I just do not like the plot that is a tissue of threadbare clichés.

Overall, Someone Exactly Like You is a mushy love tale that restores the faith in Cupid and also has a flavour that will be cherished by most.

Best wishes to the author!

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