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Book Review: Oxygen Manifesto by Atulya Misra

Oxygen Manifesto
Author: Atulya Misra
Publisher: Rupa Publishers
Rating: 4.5/5

Oxygen Manifesto is not a step back into the dark primitive ages. It is a leap forward to get back what is most valuable for life. We often hear that each individual is different. But what we fail to realize is that Earth is the only common thing we all possess. This makes it all the more important to preserve this planet and restore its natural glory. ‘Oxygen Manifesto’ is a realistic account of how the planet is suffering at the cost of urbanization, consumerism, technocentrism, unplanned construction and defective agricultural policies. This narrative is a satirical and fact-based account of how the human intrusion in nature is paving the path to the extermination of life from Earth.

The story is built around a very mature, reticent and undaunted Thatha who resides in a remote location near Manipur. Engulfed by the remorse of not doing his bit to save the environment that does so much for all the humans and animals without asking for anything in return, he decides to become the sole volunteer to restore the greenery of the barren lands in Manipur. He does that by planting seeds in every free space. Gradually, his efforts reap benefits and he also comes into the notice of the media. Unbothered by the limelight, he continues his effort of saving the environment and soon escapes the unwanted showbiz! That’s when he meets Ravi, an IAS officer, who thinks alike. Both of them come up with the Oxygen Manifesto that aims to construct a milieu where every individual- humans and animals- lives in harmony and there is perpetual scope for happiness to seep in.

This book lists some of the most sustainable methods of progress that will not only help in the development of humankind but also mediate the growth and health of natural surroundings. The narrative is simple yet impactful. The author draws upon from his experience and unfolds what lies behind the façade of the well-developed polity. The story builds up the premise by listing some of the root factors because of which there is an adulteration of everything. A very strong example of this is the objectification of cow by the Red Meat Industry. There are many more practical examples that might force the readers to reflect upon their actions and encourage them to do their bit of nature-service. Thatha comes across as a very inspiring character who does not budge from his motives. His strong will power and stronger belief are what sets him apart.

Overall, Oxygen Manifesto is an intelligent piece of art that holds importance in the current scenario. It is the need of the hour to embark on the road to salvation by reforming the policies that now threaten the life on the planet.

Best wishes to the author!

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