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Book Review: 26/11 Braveheart by Praveen Teotia

26/11 Braveheart
Author: Praveen K. Teotia
Publisher: Rupa Publishers
Rating: 4/5

Brave men rejoice in adversity just like the brave soldiers triumph in war.

One of the deadliest attacks on India is still the 26/11 attack in Mumbai. The eerie silence of the night was penetrated by some ear-piercing sounds that not only left the listeners aghast but also made them bleed.

Who could be better at narrating the minute-by-minute experience of what went into getting the situation under control meanwhile putting so many lives at stake than the person who witnessed this massacre up close? 26/11 Braveheart is a heart-wrenching account by the ex-MARCOS Praveen K. Teotia. He shares how a soldier is always on tenterhooks! Life is unpredictable and the unchartered territories can call the soldier to serve at any point in time. The attack on Mumbai was a big one, for the Taj hosted so many guests. What followed the attack was a rescue mission during which Praveen Teotia got shot in an attempt to save others. He did achieve his motive but in return, he suffered both physically and mentally.

The book falls in the category of a short read. The language is easy. The only problem with it is the redundancy in content. Be it feelings, thoughts or actions- everything has been repeatedly brought up in one or the other chapters.

Nevertheless, it is an overwhelming story of grit, determination and loyalty towards the nation. It brings forth the sudden rush of adrenaline that can either make you run in fear or fight till you die. Praveen Teotia’s courage is worth appreciating, for if it hadn’t been for him, 150 lives would have been at risk. I am and will be forever grateful to the soldiers of my country without whom I wouldn’t be given this chance of living peacefully in my house. I also applaud the audacity of this brave soldier who must have fought a real battle with self before pouring down his experience on paper. Kudos to Rupa for giving it all a proper shape and look.

Best wishes to the author!

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