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Book Review: Lucid Dreams by Mehul Krishna

Lucid Dreams
Author: Mehul Krishna Kumar
Publisher: Rumour Books
Rating: 3/5

Love, in all its forms, should be devoid of lust, greed and obligation. Love is pious and if it doesn’t happen naturally, nobody can force this feeling upon anyone. Lucid Dreams touches upon the complexities of love and relationships. The story pans around the two characters Aman and Reshmi and their quest to reach a safe haven, an abode when love and warmth would fill their hearts. But alas!

Aman, a distinguished rockstar, gets hit by cupid and falls for Reshmi in the college. Sadly, Reshmi refuses to give his love a chance and moves on with her life. It wouldn’t take rocket science to draw a parallel between the movie Dhadkan and this book because the lovelorn lover decides to quit college and then pursue his dream of becomes a celebrated singer. When he succeeds, his path collides with Reshmi’s and the two have a serious face-off. That part of the story is quite engaging. Amidst serious twists and some genuine moments of heartfelt sincerity that the parents and the children have towards each other, I cannot deny that the concept of love existing everywhere in every relationship has been beautifully explored by the author. However, what didn’t quite suit my reading buds was the plain writing style and the grammatical errors. Simple spellings like that of desperately have been spelt wrong. Hence, another rigorous round of editing is definitely required.

Overall, Lucid Dreams gives you a quaint experience of reading a short story about love and trust. I liked the plot but I guess, the execution failed to impress me.

Best wishes to the author!

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