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Book Review: 31 Fantastic Adventures in Science (Women Scientists of India) by Nandita Jayaraj & Aashima Freidog

31 Fantastic Adventures in Science (Women Scientists of India)
Author: Nandita Jayaraj & Aashima Freidog
Publisher: Puffin (Penguin Publishers)

A man’s worth is no greater than the worth of his ambitions. But women have always been told otherwise. For centuries, women were suppressed and were made to feel insignificant because men were considered to be superior. Now that the times are changing and women are making their presence felt by exploring all avenues and contributing to the GDP of the country, it is imperative for the little girls to know the worth of their dreams and the feasibility of those aspirations.

‘31 Fantastic Adventures in Science’ is an informative account of the Indian women scientists who have made a mark in the field of Science and proved that gender doesn’t play a role in determining intelligence. All it takes is perseverance and determination to snatch success from the jaws of death. The book narrates the story of 31 inspiring women who juggle between their personal and professional life and battle all odds to emerge victoriously. The inventions and discoveries are not only limited to biotechnology or particle physics but they spread across various branches of science that are still unheard of!

Inspirational and interesting, this book is packed with a lot of emotions, a lot of grit and determination and a lot of colourful illustrations as well. A must-read for all the young girls! (However, I am not so convinced with the price- the book is priced quite high)

Best wishes to the authors!

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