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Book Review: A Little Book of Magical Plants by Ruskin Bond

A Little Book of Magical Plants
Author: Ruskin Bond
Publisher: Rupa Publishers
Rating: 5/5

Why did I give such a small book a full five-star rating, you might ask! Well, for starters, this book comes along with nostalgia and yearning for companionship. At times, it is important to surround yourself with other beings (not humans, mind you!). Whether these beings are in the form of your pets, your books or plants- all of them play a vital role in maintaining the sanity of your mind.

A Little Book of Magical Plants is a memoir by Ruskin Bond that lists a few plants that the author maintains in his house that is nestled in the mountains. ‘Plants don’t grow to satisfy ambitions; they grow because someone expended efforts on them’- quotes the author in this book. He lists the reasons for having certain plants like the rubber plant, the walnut trees and the beans. There are other plants as well and each one holds a very important place in his heart. Every nook and corner of his house has a vibe that radiates positivity. In times of solitude, these plants encourage him and push him towards being a better version of himself. Having a memory associated with most of the plants, the author reminisces the days of his boyhood when people were more conscious while exploring nature. Through this short narrative, the author strives to bring out the beauty of nature and also explains the need to save nature and respect what it provides us.

This is, undoubtedly, the best book to close my year with. To understand what might have gone through in the mind of the author while writing this book, one needs to understand the giveaway dance that happens between men and the plants when they breathe (quoted from the book). One needs to understand the need to thrive and let others (nature, in this case) live in peace too.

A must-read and a must-have for everyone!

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