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#Review: 50 Greatest Love Stories by Terry O’Brien

50 Greatest Love Stories
Compiler: Terry O’Brien
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Rating: 5/5

This book was like a love overdose and it made my Valentine a little more dramatic owing to the sublime mood it put me into. The influx of a myriad of emotions while reading some of the most romantic as well as heart-touching stories about people who find themselves after finding love was like a sensory overload.

Stories like The Horse Dealer’s Daughter especially impacted me. Mabel’s vulnerable yet driven character makes her desire for Jack’s love plausible. Similarly, Eveline is another beautiful story that describes the resilience and decision-making capacity of a young Irish woman. How to Avoid Getting Married is a different kind of story that doesn’t entail love as a direct motif in the narrative. I found it similar to Abraham Lincoln’s If. The point is that this collection is diverse with varied narratives and different styles of writing.

Entertaining and short stories make the reading experience enjoyable. Overall, this is a collection to have on your reading shelf. Hence, go for it.

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