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#Review: A Case of Indian Marvels by David Davidar

A Case of Indian Marvels
Compiler: David Davidar
Publisher: Aleph Book Company

40 stories that cover almost all the aspects of being an Indian and living in a country that holds the spirit of culture and tradition intact form the content of this coming-of-age anthology. Collating the best works of authors that have a keen eye for mundane yet engaging activities, who have woven a web and spun the thread so intricately through words that imagery comes to life as the stories explore the pathos and ethos of the most ordinary Indians, this collection is worth your time and effort.

Stories like Adivasi Will Not Dance and Eggs Keep Falling From the Fourth Floor are examples of divulgence into issues that are still pushed under the wraps when anyone dares to open the can of worms! The beauty of this varied narrative is that these young writers are unafraid to allude to the dysfunctional setup and thereby, maintain their stand by using satire and subtle comic relief. Often the dialogues of the side characters are more impactful than the ones delivered by the protagonists.

Covering a range of themes like mental health, blasphemy, complicated relationships, politics and capitalism, A Case of Indian Marvels is a sumptuous collection that’s fresh and one of the best by Aleph so far.

Definitely recommended!

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