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#Review: The Greatest Enemy of Rain by MAnu Bhattathiri

The Greatest Enemy of Rain
Author: Manu Bhattathiri
Publisher: Aleph Book Company
Rating: ⅘

The Greatest Enemy of Rain and other stories is a collection of 14 stories that offer a mawkish insight into cornball companionships, cogent hatred towards natural phenomenon, bizarre doings of those who care less about others’ opinion and the perfect response for those who find the existence of God dubious. Laced with peculiar humour and subtle satire, Manu Bhattathiri successfully manages to captivate the tedious yet engaging daily activities and common responses. Using blunt and honest characters who prefer calling a spade a spade, these stories reel of mediocrity and innocence.

With flavourful characters like Gopi, the eccentric man who hates rain and the rain god to Anita, who finds confidence that’s holed up inside her heart’s closet, each character leaves behind a tinge of nostalgia and relatability. A cohesive plot and simple narrative form the scaffold of this collection. With care being taken to incorporate even the tiniest detail of everyday living and transforming the same into interesting prose, this collection of short stories packs a quiet emotional power that stretches beyond the pages.

Definitely recommended!

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