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Book Review: A Mother’s Goodbye by Kasturi Patra

A Mother’s Goodbye
Author: Kasturi Patra
Publisher: Half Baked Beans
Rating: 4/5

Sexism has been perpetuated in our society since time immemorial. Owing to the narrow-mindedness of the people and the unwillingness to accept change, the discrimination between genders has still not stopped. Whether it is the stereotype that men cannot cry or that women should devote their life to the well-being of their children and husband, each stereotype plays an important role in presenting a misconstrued reality before everyone. A Mother’s Goodbye subtly questions the actions of Deepa, a single mother who mysteriously disappears from her children’s life for reasons best known to her. Tracing the journey of three siblings who falter at every juncture because of inexperience and anticipation, A Mother’s Goodbye raises questions but at the same time, doesn’t provide an opinion. Unbiased and non-judgemental, the narrative enables you to reflect upon the present beliefs/practices and then form an opinion.

Avik, Mou and Ishaan are left hanging on a thread when their mother abandons them, leaving behind a note asking them not to look for her. Whether it is her frustration with life and its treatment or her inability to take care of her children, each of her qualities is questioned and put to test. While people do not leave any stone unturned in transforming her character into something worse, her children do not leave hope; they continue their search for answers. As they dig deeper into their mother’s past, several secrets are unravelled that take the children by surprise. In the author’s words, the children soon realise that their mother is like a scent- nobody knows how many fragrances are hidden beneath that scent!

Overall, A Mother’s Goodbye is a bold attempt at busting the myths and notions that surround a woman. She is much more than just a machine meant to reproduce. She is an individual and her choices should be respected.

Best wishes to the author!

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