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Book Review: The Blazing Moon by Ekta Sinha

The Blazing Moon: Journey to Hell
Author: Ekta Sinha
Publisher: Bluerose Publishers
Rating: 2.5/5

The Blazing Moon is a thriller that is interspersed with a love triangle that takes an ugly turn. Tracing the twisted life of three protagonists- Vishal, Sapna and Nainika, this story is a treasure bag of twists and surprising revelations. Even though the poorly edited writing might irk the readers, the characterization and the setting have the calibre to leave the readers in a quandary.

The Blazing Moon deals with several issues at a stretch. Right from the psychological impact of betrayal and heartbreak to the emotional turmoil one might hold within the boundaries of the heart- each character has been written in layers. As those layers unfold, the readers are in for a treat. The plus point of this book is its length because the author has not been loquacious at all. Yet the ignorance with which the grammatical aspect of language has been dealt with is annoying.

Overall, The Blazing Moon is a quick read that is flavourful yet poorly edited. The title is a little ambiguous but the story is enthralling.

Best wishes to the author!

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