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Book Review: A Vikram-Aditya Story: Ranthambore Adventure by Deepak Dalal

Deepak Dalal conjures up an alluring world where adventure meets thrill and this gives rise to a series of events that will surely make the readers do a double-take. As a part of the Vikram-Aditya Series, the Ranthambore Adventures transports the readers to the west of India where the sand controls the land and the dry heat can often become unbearable.

Amidst a visually delicious setting, Vikram and Aditya, the two protagonists, embark on an adventure to in the woods. Using different perspectives and figurative language to entice the readers, the author brings forth the problems that the wildlife of our country is facing. Vikram and Aditya are school-going boys who are poles apart. With a tinge of ‘Hardy Boys’ and Enid Blyton’s action-packed adventures, the author presents this wonderful book to the young readers between the age of 12-16. The idea behind this book is to encourage the children to explore beyond the boundaries of the cities. The author deftly brings out the beauty of the brown landscapes and the blend of thousand notes in the forests. Nowhere does the narrative become verbose or superfluous. The book is packed with action and the decision-making skills of the young boys is something to look out for.

Overall, Ranthambore Adventure is quite interesting to read. Go for this series!

Best wishes to the author!

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