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Book Review: Appropriate Rhymes for Inappropriate Times by Simble Johney

Appropriate Rhymes for Inappropriate Times
Poet: Simble Johney
Publisher: White Falcon Publishing

Nursery Rhymes are always associated with hidden themes. One needs to go deeper using the literary interpretive method to identify the etymology, history and psychology that construe the roots of those rhymes. If one delves deeper into the origins of Jack and Jill, London Bridge is Falling Down or Ring Around a Rosie, one will be left scarred for life. These are just some of the rhymes that have a dark origin. Keeping this in mind, Appropriate Rhymes for Inappropriate Times comes as a much-needed relief in current times when ‘dark’ is synonymous with abuse (in any form).

Helping parents broach uncomfortable topics like good touch-bad touch, sexual abuse and violence, the nursery rhymes in this book are blunt yet fascinating to read aloud. The illustrations aid the understanding, of course. What I missed in this collection was the inclusion of other dark themes like peer pressure, substance abuse, depression, etc that loom over the children’s innocent brains. Nevertheless, Appropriate Rhymes for Inappropriate Times should be read by everyone because of its bold yet age-appropriate content.

Best wishes to the poet.

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