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Book Review: The Puffin Book of 100 Extraordinary Indians

The Puffin Book of 100 Extraordinary Indians
Text by: Venkatesh Vedam
Illustrations by: Mohith O.

One of the most helpful books that I recently read was The Puffin Book of 100 Extraordinary Indians because of its content curation and easy-to-comprehend-and-remember text. This book comprises details about 100 individuals who have left a mark (are still making an impact) in the world with their talent, skills, good deeds and diplomacy. Whether it is Adar Poonawalla, the CEO of Serum Institute of India (better known as the Covid Commander) or Lt. Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee whose self-righteous nature took India to newer heights, every individual is worth reading about. If I were asked to read about 100 such people, my brain would have passed the opportunity easily owing to the abundant information and lazier retention. But this book comes with limited information, just enough for children to get acquainted with these heroes. The book includes some of the famous musicians, politicians, lyricists, chefs, sportspersons and delves into other categories as well. The simple illustrations are just enough to remind (adults) of the person in question. However, I wished for coloured photographs because children might just not be ready to associate the illustrations with the concerned person.

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