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Book Review: Be Exceptional by Joe Navarro

Be Exceptional
Joe Navarro
Rating: 4.5

The market is flooded with self-help books that promise to guide the readers in the right direction. Most of the books also claim that their content is so strong that it has impacted many. However, the truth behind the facade of selling copies is way different. Hardly a few books have the calibre to come in handy in the practical situations of life. Like how Covey’s 7 Habits proved out to be extremely rational and pragmatic in implementing a routine in life, Be Exceptional by Jow Navarro is another book that delves deeper into the concept of self-improvement under the guidance of legitimate coaches.

The author lists 5 qualities of people who know the art of leaving behind a legacy. These habits are self-mastery, observation, communication, action and psychological comfort. While the author describes how important it is to understand your mind and devise a plan accordingly, he also doesn’t forget to mention how important the skill of learning and improving is. It is a proven fact that to become a leader, one has to first prove that he/she has the leadership qualities. Such qualities are not innate but they can be imbibed. Hence, the importance of learning from the surroundings and taking guidance from the experts has already been established. Another meaningful approach that the book explores is the skill to observe. A keen observer has a quicker response to problems and troubles.

Overall, Be Exceptional is a great source of learning to be independent and successful. It is different from the usual as most of the pointers seem quite difficult to implement. Kudos to the author for this feat!

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