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Book Review: A-Z Affirmation & Wellness Book for Kids by Amrita Aswani

A-Z Affirmation & Wellness Book for Kids
Author: Amrita Aswani
Publisher: Summer Stories

In the present time, when everything around us spreads negativity and pushes us into a state of despondency, it becomes imperative for us to help our children develop a positive mindset. A- z Affirmation and Wellness Book is a neatly illustrated book that not only provides a chance to the kids to learn new adjectives but also guides them through the process of building self-confidence. 

Beautifully illustrated meanings along with spaced-out text make this book stand out from the rest. Though I have tried several other books that promise to make children happy, this one definitely is different because it uses the approach of affirmations that is seldom focussed on.

It is important for children to use daily affirmations or small positive statements about themselves in order to flush out the negative thoughts. And this book just does that!

A perfect choice for parents! 

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