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Book Review: Become Your Best Self Right Now

Become Your Best Self Right Now
Multiple Authors
Aleph Book Company
Rating: 4

At some point in our life, we often tend to rely on other sources for inspiration and guidance. Super Gurus are woodwork angels who come to the rescue when everything else seems gloomy. Their words of wisdom and life lessons have helped many people but not everyone has the privilege to reach out to the gurus. In those cases, the books come in handy. Become Your Best Self Right Now is a compilation of 31 selected chapters from 31 different books that have been written by some of the most well-known super gurus like Jay Shetty, Steven Covey, Robin Sharma and many more.

Divided into three parts, each part deals with a different theme. While the individual books offer a deeper insight into the lessons, this book helps one understand the basic idea and doesn’t capitalize on it. Advocating the importance of enjoying every moment, having the right mindset, not worrying about things that do not matter and aiming for bigger things if one wants to fulfil one’s desire, this book is a quick read. However, it is not suited for the likes of ones who wish to delve deeper into the content and further explore the pros and cons of following a certain advice.

What’s debatable with such books is the applicability of the lessons. Some might argue that the lessons are not applicable for them while some might say that following certain points is not plausible in real life. Overall, this book is a collection of wise sayings and tested lessons.

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