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Book Review: Demons and Demonesses of Hindu Mythology by Priya Narayanan

Demons and Demonesses
Author: Priya Narayanan
Publisher: Rupa Publication
Rating: 4/5

Since our childhood, we have been hearing stories involving asuras, rakshasas and other forms of evil spirits. Most often their bad qualities were projected in every story and as children, we were taught how these demons and demonesses were always ‘bad’. Demons and Demonesses brings forth the demons and demonesses from mythology in a different light. The author deftly highlights the intelligence, wit and circumstances that formed these beings who were always misjudged.

Present from time immemorial, asuras and rakshasas were never known for their positive qualities. In this book, the author cherry picks 17 demons and demonesses and throws light on their origin and their story. It is surprising to know that these beings were not only majestic but also witty and intelligent. The stories are short and the narrative is so flowy that you will have the urge to finish reading in one sitting.

Overall, Demons and Demonesses is a great entertainer, for it presents the readers with stories that are seldom shared.

Best wishes to the author!

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