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Book Review: Chaos by Raksha Bharadia

Chaos: In Romance, Sexuality and Fidelity
Author: Raksha Bharadia
Publisher: Rupa Publication
Rating: 3/5

It is quite interesting to notice the evolution pattern of humans. While once relationships were placed at the highest pedestal, now the same belief seems to be crumbling into rubble under the everyday pressures of life. Freedom, they say, can be contagious. And that is what is happening to our minds as well. Freedom from restrictions, freedom from liabilities and freedom from responsibilities- isn’t this the roadmap to a utopian world? Well, I don’t think so. Rules are important for our species to remain organized and civilized. And hence, this book comes as a pleasant surprise. Chaos explores the pathos associated with relationship and the trauma of moving on. It explains the pragmatic ideas behind inventing the concept of marriage and explains the possible reasons that create an unfathomable abyss in the physical, emotional and sexual relationship between couples.

Diligently written after much research, Chaos elaborates on the reasons that are a root cause of all the problems. The urge to find pleasure elsewhere has become quite common in our generation. Consequently, the relationships are being put at stake. This book explores the plausibility of the concept of marriage by using anecdotes from our scriptures- Vedas and Puranas. The author, very deftly, brings out the interference of modern-age technology and the desire to experiment that contribute to boredom, infidelity, dissatisfaction, arguments and other issues that cause a rift between couples. These reasons not only relate to our biological constitution but also relate to our spiritual self.

Sadly, the information is all factual and the long paragraphs only add to the stodgy plotting. There are no solutions to look forward to. This book is more about exploring the situations that are not only real but also saddening. However, there are certain statements that might raise some eyebrows owing to their bluntness.

Nevertheless, Chaos can be a good reading experience if one keeps an open mind. It is definitely a well-researched book that offers insights into what the experts have to say and also derives its basis from numerous examples of people the author has come across and spoken with.

Best wishes to the author!

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