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Book Review: The Incredible Adventures of Mr Cheeks by Tasmeen Amna

The Incredible Adventures of Mr Cheeks
Author: Tasmeen Amna
Publisher: Puffin Books (Penguin)

Knowing that the brain of a child is under development during his childhood days, it wouldn’t be wrong to teach the norms of the society right from the very beginning. Tasmeen Amna takes up this responsibility to bring forth the importance of ‘being you’ and not changing according to the expectations set by society. Her words are magical and they have the power to influence children by taking them into a wonderful world where even the animals seem more sensible than humans!

The Incredible Adventures of Mr Cheeks is a novella that narrates the story of three friends who want to change the usual practises that are a part of the carnival of the Hastings. Their desire to showcase their talent before many and their courage to take a stand for themselves- this is what keeps them going. Fighting all odds, making their way through the critical glares of many and foregoing the judgements passed by their peers, these three bank on the support they provide each other. Eventually, they emerge victorious.

The story explores the importance of friends in our lives. It also aims to encourage the children to appreciate the qualities that they have and respect the differences of others. Mr Cheeks is just another young boy who has dreams and ambition but is held back by the pressures of the world. He contemplates his choice of actions but then, with the support of his friends, he embarks on a quest to make the necessary change happen. This story celebrates the spirit of courage, friendship and compassion!

Overall, The Incredible Adventures of Mr Cheeks is a short but meaningful read that will surely be loved because of its language and the beautiful illustrations!

Best wishes to the author!

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