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Book Review: Chasing Sunsets by Vaibhav Dange

Chasing Sunsets
Poet: Vaibhav Dange
Publisher: Self-published
Rating: 3/5

Poetry is that form of expression that invites thoughts without any inhibitions. Hence, it’s easier to express the most difficult thoughts in fewer words! That depth of thought is beautifully reflected in some of the poems in Chasing Sunsets. Based on the concept of duality of nature and the existence of a void that provides the necessary calm, this collection of short poems promises to soothe one’s mind and cater to the soul as well.

Divided into four sections, Chasing Sunsets focuses on the emotions that come along with love and heartbreak. Using literary devices like antithesis, irony and metaphors, the poet makes an earnest attempt to give an insight into what his thoughts are. Sadly, the flow of the verses and the lack of rhythm make the idea seem distant. The ideas are relevant and relatable. For an instance, the existence of a conflict between the heart and the mind when one has to decide what’s right or wrong and the irony in the words that are used to describe an ocean (vast and calm)- these two ideas would have become more impactful if the rhythm and the figurative language were used as tools to connect with the readers.

Nevertheless, I would not refrain from appreciating the analogies and symbolisms that instantly caught my attention. One of my favourites is the poet’s desire to have naked lights in his life so that the whispers of the buried pain can be heard well and the process of healing is smooth. Overall, Chasing Sunsets evokes empathy and despondency at the same time, for each time a thought resonates with one’s mindset, one is forced to walk down that memory lane and become a part of that pain. Again.

Best wishes to the author!

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