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Book Review: Children of Destruction by Kuber Kaushik

Children of Destruction
Author: Kuber Kaushik
Publisher: Penguin Publishers
Rating: 3/5

Magic, fantasy and suspense often transport you to the world of wonder. Such books are not only liked by the children but also by adults. Luckily, I got an opportunity to read one such book. ‘Children of Destruction’ is a fantasy story that explores the unconventional behaviour of the gifted Alice, who takes time to realize that she possesses magical powers. Alice, who is despised by many but one (Lin), often finds solace in soliloquy and self-talk. Fluid narrative and taut events lead to a gripping plot and the climax paves way for a sequel as well.

Well-crafted characters do justice to the purpose yet the readers might fail to associate well with them because it might become difficult to remember who’s who. Language is simple and well-suited for children. The concept will be well received by them. According to me, the presence of so many characters will serve as the USP of the book because children love reading stories which have multiple characters (with different personalities). Alice’s eccentricity is something that most introverts will relate with.

The plot is strong and well-edited. It will give imagination wings!

Overall, ‘Children of Destruction’ is a book that will cater to the young fanciful minds.

Best wishes to the author!

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