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Why is Nicholas Sparks called ‘The God of Romance’? Review of ‘Every Breath’

As an author, the purpose of writing fiction is to give a chance to the audience to hear my voice, to understand what I mean and what the background is and to enjoy the experience. While most of the new authors fail in achieving the second objective, Nicholas Sparks always passes the muster with his acquiescent style of writing. I consider him the God of Romance because he deserves to be placed on that pedestal. Deriving stories from the people he meets, from the places he explores and the experiences he treasures, he writes not only with his pen but with his heart and mind as well. Every story written by him projects solemn emotions, reverent characters and restrained tension in the plot. His narrative is not only enthusiastic but also laudatory!

A leaf reminds you to live as well as you can for as long as you can until it is finally time to let go and allow yourself to drift away with grace.

This year couldn’t have ended on a better note for me! After I finished reading ‘Every Breath’, I had an unaccustomed lump of anxiety in my throat. ‘Every Breath’ is inspired from the real-life experiences of Nicholas Sparks in Zimbabwe (Africa) and he doesn’t fail in executing the job. Poignant and soul-stirring at the same time, ‘Every Breath’ narrates the story of Tru Walls and Hope Anderson. As I came across these two protagonists, I could not help but associate their names with the famous saying from Peter Pan- All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust. It is really an interesting paradox that even though we do not know what might happen the very next moment, we still move on. This is because we trust and we have faith. The names of the characters are so apt that they compliment the circumstances very well.

Love often lies in wait, ready to bloom when least expected. The destiny that matters the most in life is the one concerning love.

Sparks’ story has that glittery dust of magic that touches the heart of the readers at the right time. The striking feature of this story is the prologue that tells the tale of the origin of the idea for this story. ‘Kindred Spirit’, the unattended mailbox on the Sunset Beach in North Carolina, forms the pivot of the plot. It was set up in 1983 and since then it has been attracting visitors who come and read the letters left behind by others or write one of their own. Using this object, Sparks builds a utopian world that brims with love, hope, trust, sacrifice and prodigy.

They could go months, sometimes years without speaking, then pick up exactly where they’d left off the last time they’d spoken.

This remarkable tale begins with the introduction to Tru Walls, a safari guide in Zimbabwe. Divorced at 42, Tru adores his son, Andrew, and also shares an amiable bond with his ex-wife. He is mature and spontaneous at the same time. With a beating heart that is satiated with solitude, Tru embarks on a journey to North Carolina to meet his biological father who absconded Tru’s mother a long time back. Sparks’ description of the male lead can set the heart rate racing. But even before we are able to come to grips with Tru’s personality, the author introduces us to Hope Andersons, who is 36, still in love and struggling to comply with the nuances of a troubled relationship with her boyfriend, Josh. The story reaches a fever pitch when the two main characters cross each other’s paths. Romance brews as the chemistry between the Tru and Hope is unfathomable. Sailing close to the wind, they express their love for each other unaware of the storm that lies ahead.

Grief is always the price we pay for love. Love is about sacrifices and miracles.

As one would predict, the two lovers part ways soon after and the readers are left with an aching heart. However, Sparks does justice with the theme and the storyline as well because the climax makes you feel contented. Every story need not be a happily ever after and this one just fits the bill. The characters come off as very genuine and relatable. Their resilience, loyalty and belief might make you fall in love with them. Their screen presence remains etched in the mind for a long time. Tru, the salt of the earth, is vulnerable yet strong. Hope, who has a very pragmatic turn of mind, is spontaneous and capable of making independent decisions. She is a planner. She prefers spending nights staring at the wall contemplating life decisions. This gives her a sense of passing through the problems seamlessly; this keeps her going.

‘Every Breath’ in every sense is a tale that is sure to leave you gobsmacked and might knock you down with a feather at the same time. The climax is a turn-up for the books! Sparks sets the wheels of the story rolling by creating a dramatic setting where love and fate collide. Read this book to understand Sparks’ love for Africa and his attachment to his hometown as well. Read this book to unravel the memories of the past when letters played a very important role in bringing two lovers closer. Finally, read this book because it will transport you to a world that runs on love and trust!

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