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Book Review: Deepak and Raj by Naren Weiss

Deepak and Raj: Two Indian Plays
Author: Naren Weiss
Publisher: Half Baked Beans
Rating: 3/5

There is something about the plays that lures me into reading them. The dialogues bring characters to life. In spite of the missing description, the words speak volumes. Such are the plays in the book Deepak and Raj. Tracing the life of two individuals who are examples of yin and yang, this book is so interesting that it will resonate with your mind quite well.

The first play, ‘Dramatic Failure’ is a pun in the title itself! It revolves around Deepak, a resolute and patient man, who is a theatre enthusiast and wants to pursue this art in his city. Even when the odds are not in his favour, he decides to stay back in his own city and strive to make a name for himself. His determination and hard work evoke respect and appreciation.

The second play, November 27, is a spine-chilling story that involves blood, treachery, betrayal and loss. The play is set up in a bleak atmosphere, for it follows the events that are better known as Joshi Abhyankar Serial Murders. The narrative is engaging but at the same time makes you question the diabolical dominance of the mind.

Overall, Deepak and Raj is a quick read. Naren Weiss is a talented playwright and this book gives you a reason to believe so.

Best wishes to the author!

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