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Book Review: Axe the Ex by Rakhi Kapoor

Axe the Ex: 27 Steps to Get Over a Break-Up
Author: Rakhi Kapoor
Publisher: Notion Press
Rating: 3.5/ 5

It is strange how everyone tells us to follow our heart and when we do that, it often gets broken. Mending a broken heart is very difficult, for the heart becomes as tough as old shoe leather. However, if we have emotional and moral support from our close friends and our mind, things can change. In her book ‘Axe the Ex’, Rakhi Kapoor discusses 27 steps that can help in overcoming a breakup. The best part of this book is that it doesn’t only deal with break up with your love interest; it deals with the breakup of every kind.

Neatly segregated into 27 steps, Rakhi’s book ensures that the steps are easy and palatable. Right from encouraging the readers who have suffered in any relationship to change their perspective and understand the ‘How’ and ‘Why’ of the break up to urging them not to shy away from pouring their heart out in front of their friends/ family- the steps are the stepping stones for a sane and a healthy mind. The book focuses on restoring the comforts of the body by encouraging the readers to eat well, sleep well and think positively. I liked the flow and the gradual build-up of the steps. The language is simple and mostly error-free.

In these times, when relationships have become more fragile, the need for such self-help books has increased by notches. Therefore, this book fits the bill too.

Overall, Axe the Ex is a quick read that serves as a self-help book. It does pass the muster because of its feasibility and its appropriateness.

Best wishes to the author!

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