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Book Review: Dinosaur Therapy by James Stewart

Dinosaur Therapy
Author: James Stewart
Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers

The modern world is quite ruthless and if one decides to face this world blindfolded, it’s going to be really tough to fight the expectations and criticisms. Dinosaur Therapy is a satirical comic book that illustrates the harsh truths of life that people find awkward to talk about or discuss. Whether it is personal, professional or social, the author navigates through the problems of life using dinosaurs as the spokesperson and satire as the medium.

The most interesting aspect of this book is the fact that it is a comic book for grown-ups. While the dinosaurs use dialogues that reek of irony, they also provide a sense of accomplishment to the readers as the readers know that, if not anyone, at least, the dinosaurs understand. Beautiful illustrations and of course, meaningful conversations add to the appeal of this short book. Such a wonderful book to treasure!

I highly recommend it.

Best wishes to the author!

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