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FABCURATE: #review

Handblock printing is one of the most sustainable forms of fabric printing that is not only beautiful but also painstaking. There is no doubt that such prints look fabulous in form of dresses, sarees and salwar suits. Yet to find a perfect match by going to the stores physically has now become tiring.

Who would have thought that shopping for fabrics will become so easy one day! With numerous designs and patterns to choose from, buying the material of your choice and of the desired length is just a click away. Well, Fabcurate was generous enough to send me the samples of three fabrics. It’s an online fabric store that has a lot of variety to choose from. I chose the hand block prints and here’s their review. 

First up is this black and white monochrome bootie pattern. The fabric is soft and the overall print adds to the appeal. Since I am quite fond of overall prints, this just fits my taste. Also, the smooth fabric seems to be quite comfortable.

The second one is Indigo Chevron Pattern that utilises Natural Dye Akola through traditional processes. Fine quality fabric and subtle block printing make this fabric my favourite for suits.

The last one is this white and yale blue floral pattern. With several gold threads interspersed with the hand block print, this definitely is my favourite amongst the lot. I am not a fan of white clothes but this one truly won my heart because of the quality and the fact that it’s not transparent. 

Check out Fabcurate now for exclusive festival deals. You will be surprised by the number of options they offer!  

Here is the video review of this product.

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