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#Review: Dirty Suburbia by Sara Hosey

Dirty Suburbia
Author: Sara Hosey
Publisher: Vine Leaves Press
Rating: 4/5

Dirty Suburbia delivers a compelling exploration of diverse female experiences across varied socio-economic backgrounds, illustrating the challenges women face in both gritty working-class neighbourhoods and affluent communities. It vividly portrays how money fails to shield against pervasive sexism.

Through a collection of gripping narratives, the author delves into the lives of different female characters, each grappling with unique struggles. From a young woman’s daring attempt to manipulate her abusive boyfriend’s fate to a teenager’s cautious encounter with an older man from online gaming, the stories unfold with raw intensity.

What resonates throughout is the resilience and humanity in the face of adversity. Despite confrontations with ugliness, injustices, and familial failures, the narrative highlights solace in connections and friendships. These instances of intimacy and support offer a glimmer of hope, a stark contrast to the harsh realities portrayed.

The book exhibits punctuation mistakes, and occasionally, the narrative feels uninspired with a simplistic writing style. However, the stories are an evocative exploration of the complexities of womanhood, covering themes of abuse, longing, and the quest for meaning. It challenges societal norms while celebrating the strength and vulnerability of its female protagonists. It is a thought-provoking read that leaves a lasting impression, showcasing how amidst turmoil, connection and solidarity can offer glimpses of redemption and hope.

Best wishes to the author!

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